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Nov 26, 2014

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What is your experience, Are there young People in Recovery?

Are there unique challenges for young people in Recovery?

Were you a young person in recovery?

What defines “young”?

Do you know any young people in recovery?

Do Young People in Recovery have fun?

Does it seem addiction is more prevalent in young people now?

Or does it just have more attention now?

What are some challenges young people face in recovery?

What resources are available to young people? 

Cristie, we have call!

Do you want to take calls?

Tony from Connecticut

Are you familiar with the organization “Young People in Recovery”?

What do they do?

Are you Familiar with the organization “Young People in AA”?

What is YPAA?

Where is YPAA?

What does YPAA do?

What are YPAA Conferences like?

How are YPAA meetings different? 

Are there Young People NA meetings? 

Have you ever been to one?

What was it like?