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Nov 15, 2013

last week we attended the Traverse City Fall Round Up.  Which is a regional AA conference.  I spoke on Sunday and gave my Open Talk with an emphasis on my spiritual journey.

Following our reflections, we will play an episode we participated in with The Recovery Show.  We all watched the movie Days of Wine and Roses and then we recorded an episode on our reaction to this movie about alcoholics, recovery, and relapse.

But Anna, let’s first talk about Traverse City

You initial thoughts?

What talks did you attend?

John and Cindy

Dinner with john and Cindy

Alanon Meetings

Lunch at Traverse City Pie

Family Afterward - Dan and Andrea



Interview with Ryan

Mary D

Walk downtown in the cold

Mark S.

Breakfast with Jodie and Mary D.

Cottage at Cross Village

Would you do this again

How about Danville in the Spring?

Suicide survivors support group

victims range from 14 to 35

time since death ranges from 30 years to 3 months

just like AA, there is no other place where you can talk about these feelings

14 year old

iraq war vet

young mother

the question of why

why didn’t I see it

haunted by the thought that I could have prevented this disaster

been working in Toronto

commuting back and forth with my co-worker

he’s a faithful muslim

from northern africa

with a green card

and french nationality

try to explain this gracefully to TSA when trying to cross the border

I’m always terrified when I try to re enter the USA

I just imagine getting my car searched

Now we are going to play an episode we participated in  from The Recovery Show….