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Apr 24, 2019

Self-discovery can be defined as the process of obtaining insight into one’s own character. Being in recovery offers a perfect opportunity to confront the internal and external factors that contribute to addiction.

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Addiction serves to numb unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and memories. While in recovery, many of these problems that were temporarily self-medicated away once again float to the surface.

Self-discovery techniques are essential in recovery and are often a part of 12 step programs. They serve to help you come to terms with your decisions and understand some of the reasons why you were vulnerable to addiction.

They also allow you to identify the best, most positive parts of yourself and make better use of them while letting go of the past and learning to forgive yourself and others.

What come first to mind?

Before program, did you think you were in touch with yourself, your emotions, your behavior?

How did your using get in the way of understanding yourself?
Did you use to medicate your feelings?
What feelings are most unpleasant to you?

How did you deal with feelings with your family of origin?
How did you express negative feelings with your family when growing up?

When you first came into recovery, did you have a hard time moderating your feelings and emotions?
Give examples so that the new person can identify.
How did you cope with these feelings in early recovery and before you were practicing steps?

Which steps helped you discover yourself?
What steps assisted you in this journey?
What did you discover?
Where there any surprises?
We asked our listeners about this topic.

We asked,
"What part of the program helped you discover yourself?”

Did you take the survey?

What would be your answer?

Have you forgiven yourself?
How did you do this?
Is self knowledge enough?

What negative things did you find?
What positive things did you discover?

How has the program helped dealing with the character defects?
Give examples.
How has the program helped in cultivating the positive things?
Give examples.

How has the steps helped? Which steps and why?
How has your spirituality played a part in this journey?

How has your sponsor helped?
How has the fellowship helped?
How has prayer helped?
How has service work helped?

What are you learning about yourself today?

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