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May 27, 2015

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This episode is more about feeling sad rather than something more serious like clinical bi-polar depression.  For someone suffering from mental illness such as a manic state of bipolar, simply going to a meeting is not enough.  

We are not therapists and we have no expertise in this area.  If you are in therapy, and you hear us crossing that line, please accept our apology, that is not our intent.  If you think you are clinically depressed, see a professional and follow their direction.  Take what you like and leave the rest.

But let’s turn to you first,

Before you came into program, before addiction, as a child, would you consider yourself as a generally happy kid?

How about during middle school?

How about during high school?

How about after your tried drugs and alcohol?

Was there any trauma in your life that changed your general disposition of happiness?

As your drinking career developed, did you suffer from periods of depression?

Have you ever had therapy?

Have you been diagnosed with depression?

In your understanding in therapy, How are depression and sadness different?

Again this program is about sadness, clinical depression can be dangerous and we urge you to get professional help along with your participation in a recovery support group.

Near the end, was there any joy left?

Tells us about sadness in early recovery.

How did you cope?

How do the:

  • steps,

  • slogans,

  • prayers

  • meetings


How does your:

  • sponsor

  • higher power

  • big book and 12 and 12

  • other literature


What is it like today?

What is emotional sobriety?

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Call from Chris from Vancouver

email - Mary F

We have Calls

Call - Matt from Connecticut

Call - Alex from Austin

Call - Amy

What would you say to the new person who is sad all the time?  What would you say to the person who is grieving, but probably doesn’t even know it?