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May 30, 2018

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Just because you've decided to quit drinking and doing drugs, have started to go to meetings are now in what's termed "recovery,"


That doesn't mean that you need to resign yourself to living the rest of your life in a ho-hum, boring existence. While you may think that being clean and sober is just plain dull, the truth is that your life in sobriety can be fulfilling, exciting and extremely rewarding. Some might even call it fun. But that, of course, depends on your point of view.


Here we take a look at how newcomers to sobriety can discover healthy ways to have fun in recovery – without jeopardizing all the gains they've made so far. Don't worry. Nothing here is out of reach of the average individual. All it really takes is a desire to create a new life for yourself,


Go to you first,

First to mind?


Why is having fun in recovery important?


What used to be your idea of fun before program?

What was your idea of fun early in program?


When you were new, was it hard to have fun?

How did your fun change?

Did you suffer from depression when you were new?

Did you isolate when you wee new?

How did the program help, what steps, slogans, prayer, service?

Was it hard to laugh early on?


Did you change, how?

Today, what is your idea of fun, what do you do today?

Do you find recovery boring?

Today, what are your thoughts of a life with drinking at the center?

Do you view that as boring today, why?


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