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Aug 24, 2016

This topic was suggested by a beloved listener
Our listener wrote:
I request a recovery topic to be:
Having to "be there" -
I relish the fact that sobriety means being present -
for my mother's death, for my partner, for my friends, for my work -
but sometimes I still just really want to get out of my head, cut loose, forget myself, sign out.
Is this drunk thinking, or might there be safe ways of approximating this (books, music, film?)

This is what we will discuss tonight, how do we battle recovery fatigue

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But first, let’s find out what our listeners are thinking on this topic:


What did first think of when you heard about this topic?

Do you have recovery fatigue?
How do you stay fresh when you start to feel the toll of being there all the time?
What have you done when your program seems tired and worn out, what have you done to reinvigorate your program.?

Do you ever escape?
What do you do to take care of yourself?
Is this healthy?
Can escape ever be done in a healthy way?

Have you ever felt resentful about having to be there?
How does guilt affect you?
What are boundaries and how do they help?

Do you have fun in recovery?
How do you have fun in recovery?
How do you have fun outside of recovery?
Why do you think there is so much laughter in our fellowship?

Do you always have to be there?

What would you say to the person who requested this topic?

Phone Calls
Alex from Austin





What would you say to the new guy?