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Mar 16, 2022

Do you believe in God? What about a higher power? If you aren’t a religious person, the idea of a higher power being part of your recovery can make you feel hesitant about moving forward. But the truth is, following a higher power in recovery doesn’t have to be based on traditional or structured religion.

Still, starting a program of recovery can be difficult if you don’t have a firm understanding of what a higher power is. Finding a higher power in recovery takes faith, and having faith in something can take time and patience. Just like going to your first meeting, belief in a higher power is a decision you have to make for yourself.

Tonight, we talk about a Higher Power

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While finding a higher power is your decision, 
we’re here to help get the process started. 
By learning about the importance of a higher power in recovery, you’ll be more comfortable about taking the next step in your program.

This week’s topic of
Higher Power
was inspired by
Chapter 25 - Love
Of Buddy’s book, Powerless But Not Helpless
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So, here is

Verse 25 - Love 

There was “something” containing everything before the world began.
Empty, complete, unchanging, tranquil, formless, ever-giving, and in constant motion, without effort.

This “something” permeates everything, accessible everywhere.
If I were to impose a name, 
I would call it the “Dao,” the “Way,” or “Higher Power.”

This Way is functioning everywhere, ever-flowing and always returning.
Man follows Earth, Earth follows the Universe, 
the Universe follows the Way.

The Way always follows its nature of Love.
These four are the great ones.
They naturally follow each other in a continual, harmonious dance o