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Jun 19, 2019

Whether it is a dependence on drugs, alcohol or gambling, the general assumption is that once a person enters recovery for an addiction, they should be “cured” of all Addiction Replacements. However, the prevalence of addiction replacement shows the true nature of addiction for what it is — a disease.

We alcoholics suffer. Before program, our obsession with drugs and alcohol led to the destruction of everything important to us. Even after program, new obsessions can also cause us to suffer, even without the alcohol. Sure, it’s obvious that our addictive behavior is the source of our own misery, but we may still seem unwilling to change. We are unwilling to change because of many things, but usually, it’s fear. We people with addictions must learn how to find courage.

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Addiction replacement is substituting one addiction for another. This typically occurs after the recovery process for the original addiction.

What is Addiction Replacements to you?

What kinds of compulsive behavior did you have as a child?
What kinds of compulsive behavior did you have before program?

When you were new, did you find a substitute addiction?
What was it and what did you get out of it?
Did you suffer from this behavior?
Did you have guilt and shame?
Did you do it in secrete?

What types of behaviors do you have to pay attention to?
Risk taking



What emotional need are you trying to fulfill?
We asked our listeners about this topic.

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We asked our listeners,
"What types of behaviors do you have to pay attention to?”

Did you take the survey?

What would be your answer?

They say:
Individuals in recovery may also experience a lowered level of dopamine in the brain, which would limit their ability to feel happiness or excitement during the early stages of sobriety. This can influence recovering addicts to transfer their past addictive behaviors into other activities or substances as a way to fulfill the craving, and reduce the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal.
Can you relate?

They say:
So while on the surface an activity like shopping can appear as a healthier alternative than abusing drugs, both addictions can produce similar consequences. Signs that an addiction replacement has taken place are:

Constantly thinking about your new activity or vice
Losing sleep to participate in new activity
Trouble at work, school or at home
Relationship issues with spouse or loved ones
Neglecting self-care and personal hygiene
Experiencing stress or anxiety if unable to complete new activity
You thoughts?

What about today, what Addiction Replacements are you fighting against?

Do you think you are unique in this?

Solutions? Steps, prayers, higher power, sponsor, therapist?

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