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Jun 18, 2014

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I always try to focus on the new person here at the Recovered Podcast.


As such, I want us to share our experience around these strange places called Alano Clubs

Don’t call them AA Clubs

Although, normal people probably do


First thing first

How do you pronounce Alano?

Let’s start at the beginning for the new person

What is an Alano Club?

What is the purpose of these clubs?

Where are they located?

How do you find them?

Where was your first?

What was your first experience?

Are clubs affiliated with any religious institution?

Do you need to be a member of the Alano club to attend meetings here?

Do Alano Clubs receive any city, state or federal funding?

Do I need to be an alcoholic or addict to visit?

What is the difference between AA and the Alano Club?

Is the Alano Club AA?

Do I have to pay to attend meetings?

Do you have to be a member of a 12 step fellowship to be an Alano member?


What is the relationship between Alano Clubs and the Traditions?

AA has no dues or fee, what about Alano Clubs?

What about outside group donations to an Alano club?

What about gambling at Clubs as a fundraiser?

What about material donations such as furniture from outside groups?

What about club directors, do they need to be AA members?

What happens if a director relapses?

Should a Club have AA in it's name?


Why go to clubs?

What should someone expect at an Alano club?

Are clubs associated with AA?

What is the history of Alano Clubs?


Can AA function without clubs?

Can clubs function without AA?