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Aug 23, 2017

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Arrogance is considered to be one of the least attractive personality traits. Those individuals who exhibit such an overbearing attitude can be difficult to be around. Their behavior can cause a great deal of disruption and conflict. Those of us who fall into addiction will often develop an arrogant attitude. This can prevent us from seeking help for our problems. Carrying this arrogant attitude with us into recovery can lead to a bumpy ride in recovery and increase the chances of returning to our addiction.

Arrogance can be defined as an offensive display of superiority or self-importance. It can also be described as an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner. Such behavior is always viewed in a negative light. Arrogance is a subjective description and most of those individuals who have this negative attribute ascribed to them will deny it.

Why is arrogance bad for your sobriety?

Arrogance is often a sign that the individual has low self esteem.
How is your self esteem?
How can the program help with low self esteem?

If people are arrogant, they will be less likely to admit that they need help.
Do you have a hard time asking for help?
How does this affect someone who is in recovery?

Arrogant people tend to be poor learners. They already act as if they know all the answers.
Do you ever act this way?
How does this affect someone who is in recovery?

Arrogant people tend to have feelings of superiority.
When do you have a feeling of superiority?
How does this affect someone who is in recovery?

How did arrogance manifest itself in you before program?
What were your triggers

How does arrogance manifest itself in you now?
What are your triggers?
What part of the program helps?

To overcome arrogance, we need to:
Overcome Low Self esteem
Answer: service work?
Become humble
Answer: 9th step? 4th step?
Reflect on behavior
Answer: 9th step? 4th step?



As you know,
The Recovered Podcast is all about the New Guy.
Talk to that person,
What would you say to the new person about