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Call Recovered About Family and Recovery

Mar 24, 2018

Tuesday Night, the Recovery Topic is Family and Recovery."
When addiction strikes a family, it often breaks up into a series of roles. These roles are typically similar to the family member’s past behaviors. These roles are many but the most common ones can be described in the following way: the person suffering from addiction, the enabler, the hero, the scapegoat, and the mascot. While not every family will be large enough to fill these roles or the many others, members do change roles at various times.
Let's talk about this solution.  Tap Speakpipe (preferred because the sound quality is excellent.  Use this method especially if you are outside the Unites States) or call 1-734-288-7510 and answer the following question(s):
When you first came in, how did you see your disease affect your family?
What was communication like with your family of origin when you were using?
How do secrets and denial keep a family sick?
Why are secrets and denial common in the alcoholic family?
Is your family part of a recovery program?
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