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Aug 30, 2017

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Complacency can be defined as a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy. To say an individual is acting complacently means that they are taking things for granted. They have developed a type of smugness over their achievements, and they just expect that things will remain the same forever. When an individual becomes complacent they no longer feel that they need to work in order to find success in life – they view it as something they have already earned.

Those individuals who are recovering from an addiction need to be particularly careful not to take their sober life for granted. If they become complacent they might stop doing the things that have been keeping them away from alcohol or drugs. This could then spell disaster for them.

What are your first thoughts about this topic?

What does complacency look like for a recovering person?
Why is it bad in for recovery?

Do you tend to be more susceptible to complacency now compared to when you were new?
Why or why not?

What is the relationship between talking to the new person and complacency?

What is the difference between confidence and complacency?

What is the relationship between being honest with self and complacency?

Before program, were you a complacent person? What did that look like?
In early recovery, did you experience complacency?

How does complacency manifest itself with you today?

What are some reasons (red flags) for complacency?

What recovery tools do you use to battle complacency?


Mike from FLA

Don Boiled Owl

As you know,
The Recovered Podcast is all about the New Guy.
Talk to that person,
What would you say to the new person about