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Aug 28, 2018

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There was a time when we ignored trouble, hoping it would go away, or ran from it. But we always were left stuck to it. In AA, we learned that trouble is just a fact of life. We had to learn how to deal with it. Surprisingly, we found that trouble could converted into blessings.

In recovery, nothing is wasted. Through failure, we learn a lesson in humility which is probably needed, painful though it is.

Bill Wilson once wrote:

Great suffering and great love are AA disciplinarians; we need no others.

Pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress. The pains of alcoholism had to come before sobriety and emotional turmoil before serenity.

AA was born out of trouble, the trouble that is the fatal malady of alcoholism. Every single one of us came into AA in trouble, that is why we came.

Tonight, we talk about dealing with trouble in recovery.

I have trouble with the equipment

First thoughts?

Did you come into recovery with trouble?
Did you think the 12 steps could help?
What did you want out of AA when you first came in?
What did you actually receive?

How does your spirituality help you with trouble?
How does prayer help?
How do you pray?
How do you meditate?
What is the difference for you?
How do you know if you are going to pray or meditate?

What have you learned from trouble?
How have you changed because of trouble?

What troubles are dealing with today?
What step, prayer, slogan, what part of the program are you working to help?

What would you say to the new guy about trouble?