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Sep 23, 2014

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Alright Cristie, let’s begin with definitions.

What is a drinking dream?

A psychologist once said, “Drinking dreams are a natural part of the anxieties that come along with being sober.”   “They’re a sign of the battle sober people have with admitting complete powerlessness over alcohol or drugs,” 

Your thoughts?

Do you remember ever having using dreams before getting sober?

Describe your drinking dream experiences

During your dream, did you experience guilt?

During your dream, was the experience celebratory?

During your dream, were you sneaking your drinks?

During your dream, were you drinking normally?

Was your dream vivid?

Describe those feelings when you are in that semi conscience dream-state and you really thought you relapsed.

When you thought that the slip was real, did you think about how to keep it secret?

When you in that state that you thought the dream was real, did you feel remorse, loss, grief, and/or guilt?



Describe your feelings when you realized that it was just a dream and that you did not lose your sobriety.

Did the dream trigger the desire to use?

Do you talk to your sponsor about these dreams?

Do you talk about drinking dreams at meetings?

Should they be discussed at meetings?

Have you ever processed the drinking dream experience?

Have you journaled about your drinking dreams?

Have you ever thought about why you had that dream in context of what is going on in your life?

Have you noticed the relationship between stress and drinking dreams?

Have you noticed a relationship between success and drinking dreams?

Are you hanging with using friends?

Are you visiting old places where you used to use?

Final thoughts about drinking dreams.

Did you have them more frequently when you were new?

Do you have them now?

For you, are drinking dreams a red flag symbolizing something is wrong in your program?

What would you say to the new guy who just had his first drinking dream?