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Oct 1, 2013

For the benefit of our  listeners who may be new to the show,

On July 2, 2013 our oldest son died suddenly and our lives have been forever changed. Andrew struggled with addictions and mental illness for at least 12 years before he took his own life.

This podcast is one of hope.

Loss and grief will come to everyone.

But we want to encourage you that 12 step groups can equip you with tools that can help you  to cope these disasters. You don't have to believe that these tools will work for you but you do have to believe that they are working for us most of the time, some of the time?

Anna, welcome back to the studio

Anna, tell us a little about yourself, when did you first come into a 12 step program?

Our listeners took part in a survey to help us prepare for this show.

The question we asked was “How Do You Cope With Grief”.

Anna, you thoughts on the survey?

Well, Anna, let’s jump into this segment of Grief, Loss, and Recovery.

First of all, Anna, what would you like our listeners to know about your son Andrew?

What has been the some of the most difficult things you have faced since Andrew's death?

How has your 12 step program helped here?

What else was helpful?

Tell me about denial.  Have you experienced denial this past year?

How? How did you face denial?

As for me

Thought it was a Set up at first, Now, I find myself expecting  to hear from him.

Anger is something that i have really struggled with.  Have you been angry about Andrew's death?

At who and why?

What did you learn about anger? need to forgive

As for me, I was angry with al anon and AA, angry with self as a way of mothering andrew

Did you go through the bargaining phase after Andrew's death?


What did you learn?

What about isolation?

What did you learn?

What steps or what part of the program helped?

How about depression?

Did you experience guilt?

What steps, slogan, part of the program helped?

Where are you with acceptance?