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Jun 21, 2017

Our generous Recovered Podcast Community allows us to be self supporting and not rely on outside contributions.  If you would like to join us, there are two ways.

  1. Episode Sponsorship  We will recognize you by first name only at the top, mid, and end of the episode.  Any amount will qualify.
  2. Premium Membership  This is the single most effective way to support the show.  Watch the video in its entirety and learn how to become Premium

The Recovered Podcast Community is not a glum lot.  They contribute to the show and what they share is exactly what someone else needs to hear.  The new guy needs to hear your story.  So honor your 12th step obligation by calling in and help the guy who has not yet gone to his first meeting, you may make the difference in his life.  There are two ways to add to the show:

  1. Speakpipe Use your mobile or computer and leave a message.  This is the preferred method because the sound quality is excellent.
  2. 1-734-288-7510 is our voice message line.

Anyone who’s in long-term recovery knows that it’s not all good times.
Sure, there’s the great feeling you get from knowing
that you’ve started your journey on the road to recovery.
But that’s just it – it’s an ongoing journey, not a destination.

This means that there are bound to be many
twists and turns along the way, and some of these can prove
frustrating, difficult, or downright confounding.

How do you know what to do?
Tonight, we talk about how we make difficult decisions and
How we choose from the good, the bad, and
the in-between in recovery.

When you were new, what decisions did you have to make?
How did you do this?
What went right?
What went bad?

Today, what tools do you use to make difficult decisions?
Example of how these tools worked?

Any examples of how it did not work?

What types of decisions are difficult for you?
Why do you think these types are hard for you?
How do you handle emotional decisions?
How do you make financial decisions?

Some suggestions
Make a List
Talk Things Over with Others
Revisit Your List
Making No Decision is a Decision
When Your Emotions Get the Better of You
Create New Goals


Kurt from Canton

Talia from Boston

Brianna from Minnesota

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