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May 21, 2014

Tonight, we are going to talk about meetings.  Specifically, meeting types.

Meetings are the foundation for a recovery program.

It’s where we learn about the program.

It’s likely the place we will meet our sponsor.

It’s a place to get phone numbers

It’s where we meet sober friends.

So Zach, let’s talk about the many different meeting formats 

Let’s talk about the ones we have experienced.

the ones we like

the ones we don’t like

we may even talk about meetings we have heard about

Zach, your initial thoughts on this subject.

Cristie, how about you, what first came to your mind when you knew we would be talking about meeting formats.

there are some common elements

Speaker intro followed by opening prayer, usually the serenity prayer

The preamble -3. Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience,strength and hope …

“How it Works”

from here on, it’s a mixed bag


new members to introduce themselves by their first name only--

 Ask any visitors to introduce themselves and say where they are from. 

 Make regular announcements about group business, events and announcements from The 

Pass the basket(s). The secretary can say something like: 

have no dues or fees in A.A. 

introduce the speaker followed by discussion

announce the topic to the room and discussion

here in SE michigan, we break into small table discussions

meeting types such as:

lead discussion

big book

step study

We have phone calls,

Would you like to take a call?

Bronte Arrow Below

grape vine

12 & 12 study

Tradition Study


Group Conscience

We have more calls,

want to take another call?

Barbara From oregon 

read literature and share



group therapy


open talk

standing, no chairs



with kids

friends and family included

intervention meetings

with a therapist

with a specialist

one big room

small groups




at treatment centers

most unusual

most memorable




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