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Jan 19, 2022

No one becomes addicted to substances overnight. You don’t catch it the way you do the common cold. Tonight we talk about the stages and signs of our disease.


The Pre-Alcoholic Stage is very similar to casual and social drinking. Slowly but surely, the drinker begins turning to alcohol to reduce stress. 


Early-Stage Alcoholism is a time where you will begin to lie to yourself and loved ones about drinking habits. The temptation to drink is regularly there.


The Middle Alcoholic Phase is when you may start missing social occasions, withdrawing yourself from situations that don’t include drinking or missing work. Physical changes to your weight and complexion are likely to be coupled with personality changes.


At End-Stage Alcoholism, drinking is a dependence. Abusers will drink every day, throughout the day, and struggle to function without alcohol. At this phase, interventions are necessary.

Tonight, we talk about the Progression of Alcoholism.

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