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Apr 16, 2009

We discuss Listener Feedback, Anti-Addiction Medicine, and the Second Part of a 3 Part Discussion on The Doctor's Opinion.

over fifteen years ago

Hello Mark and Listeners,
Welcome to Hope, a new listener. I have been
enjoying the \"Doctor\'s Opinion\" so much and learning
about Dr. Silkworth and his contribution to the
disease concept of alcoholism is enlightening.
I feel the \"Doctor\'s Opinion\" is one of the most
important chapters in the Big Book. My first sponser weaned me in to AA by this very chapter
and it is one that I talk about when speaking to
any new sponsees. Thank you for bringing this
little \"jewel\" into the forefront. Thank God,
we have learned so much about the \"disease\" of
alcoholism since then.
Keep up the good work, Mark!

Mark S.
over fifteen years ago

Hi Baylee...
At first I didn\'t pay much attention to the Doctor\'s Opinion, then I rediscovered it when it made so much sense regarding my own drinking patterns. It explained why I drank the way I did. Thanks for your input!