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Mar 4, 2011

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News From the Home Front - This segment we talk about news from my home group at the club as well as news from home group in my family room.
Home Group News -
The PC Alano club made a site selection study to move our club.  More room for more hours and more parking. Also, our neighbors don;t like us so much. R Block, Edward Jones Investment, a Cleaners, etc.  Bunch of drunks hanging out all hours smoking. Tried to get the drunks to smoke out back but this is a continuous challenge like baby sitting the area.
Site selected is an abandoned strip mall.  Large space formally an auto parts store I think.
Significant investment required from club for redesign and reconstruction of the space.
Decided to stay put in present locations.Decided to stay in present location.  
News from the Family Room -
Been watching Celebrity Rehab - Season 2
Presently on our dvr. V, has best villian on TV, her name is Anna, Detroit 1-8-7, best cop show nobody watches, Modern Family, best comedy on TV, Parks and Rec, Glee, 30 Rock, and Masterpiece Theater.
News from the Podcast Studio -  
New Website, working on email

play NPR Music
After a short break, we will be back with our Recovery Topic
Recovery Topic – One day at a time

I opened the podcast with a question to the newcomer about tolerance and how difficult that is
When I first came into the program my whole life was centered on me and my actions and my desires...and I had no patience for someone who didn’t see the world like I did.

Page 67 of the big book has good advise on this subject of tolerance
This passage I could identify with in regards to my attitudes about someone that is clearly in the wrong and someone I have no patience for.  Here’s what the book says on page 67.  

Though we did not like their symptoms and the way these disturbed us, they, like ourselves, were sick too. We asked God to help us show them the same tolerance, pity, and patience that we would cheerfully grant a sick friend. When a person offended we said to ourselves, "This is a sick man. How can I be helpful to him? God save me from being angry. Thy will be done."

Another person I had difficulty with is the person who I had hurt in the past. Encountering these people was so awkward.  
Let’s turn to page Page 118 and see what advise is there

Yet you must not expect too much.

That is, just because you’re sober doesn’t mean all is forgiven

His ways of thinking and doing are the habits of years. Patience, tolerance, understanding and love are the watchwords. Show him these things in yourself and they will be reflected back to you from him. Live and let live is the rule. If you both show a willingness to remedy your own defects, there will be little need to criticize each other.

On the other side, we will have clips

Alcohol and the Media -In this segment we share clips about what the media says about alcohol, alcoholics, and alcoholics anonymous
Keith L. and the third part of his three part open talk.