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Sep 5, 2012

Our Recovery Topic is Singleness of Purpose


On today’s show, our Recovery Topic is....
Singleness of Purpose

You know Traditions 3 and 5,
our primary purpose is to help the alcoholic who still suffers.
But what about dual addictions?
What about problems other than alcohol?
Is there room in AA for problems other than alcohol?

Are you ready for this topic N.?

Following our Recovery topic, we will have This Week in Recovery.  In this segment we discuss what’s going on in the Home Group and what’s going on in the Family Room.

Then we move on over to Alcohol and the Media where we examine what the media has to say about alcohol, alcoholics, and alcoholics Anonymous..  

Have you had a chance to preview clips, N.?

Clips we will cover today include:

Video Clips include:

Bill W.and the Singleness of Purpose

Dr. Jung and Spirituality as a Cure to Alcoholism

A Portion of a Documentary on Bill W.