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Sep 18, 2012

Our Recovery Topic is Letting Go


On today’s show, our Recovery Topic is....
Letting Go
you know, Let Go and Let God

Letting go of the people, places, and things that are no good for you
or letting go of the people, places, and things you have no control over.

Then we will discuss This Week in Recovery
This Week in Recovery - This segment we talk about news from my home group at the club as well as news from home group in my family room.

The, we turn our hearts and minds on over to
Alcohol and the Media -In this segment we share clips about what the media says about alcohol, alcoholics, and alcoholics anonymous

Have you had a chance to preview clips, N.?

Clips we will cover today include:

Video Clips include:

Alcohol Addiction Drug Therapy - Vivitrol STOP VIDEO AFTER COMPLETE PREVENT RUN ON

AA Doesn’t Work - THROUGH 2:29

Response to AA Haters THROUGH 2:38