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Sep 25, 2012

Our Recovery Topic is Discipline


On today’s show, our Recovery Topic is....

We will talk about the virtue of an organized life. The benefits of getting things done.

This wasn't something I had before the fellowship, what about you N.?

Then we will discuss This Week in Recovery
This Week in Recovery - This segment we talk about news from my home group at the club as well as news from home group in my family room.

The, we turn our hearts and minds on over to
Alcohol and the Media -In this segment we share clips about what the media says about alcohol, alcoholics, and alcoholics anonymous

Have you had a chance to preview clips, N.?

Clips we will cover today include:

Video Clips include:

Charlie Sheen and AA

Dr. Drew - Sheen has a point on AA

Dr. Drew - You Are Responsible for Treatment