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Nov 20, 2012

Our Recovery Topic is Gratitude


On today’s show, our Recovery Topic is....


Since it is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., I thought we’d take this opportunity to discuss the things we are grateful for.

we will talk about it

After our Recovery Topic,
we will discuss This Week in Recovery
This Week in Recovery - This segment we talk about news from the home group as well as news from the family room.

The, we turn our hearts and minds on over to
Alcohol and the Media -In this segment we share clips about what the media says about alcohol, alcoholics, and alcoholics anonymous

Have you had a chance to preview clips, N.?

Clips we will cover today include:

Video Clips include:

A little Thanksgiving History lesson, a drunks understanding of the first Thanksgiving feast with the Pilgrims and the American Indians

What to do with someone who may have Alcohol Poisoning

Jane Velez Mitchell - What if You Accidentally Take a Sip, Is it a Slip

Drug Testing at Workforce