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Apr 22, 2014

Raising a Family in Recovery

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When I came into recovery, I was not on a winning streak.

And neither was my family on a winning streak.

As a matter of fact, my family was on the rocks.

I thought my loved ones would be thrilled when I came into the program, but as far as I could tell, they were just as pissed as ever.




Tell us a little about your family life before coming into the program.

I think you really have two stories

One with your parents

and the other with your daughter

Tell us a little about what it used to be like?

What did your family look like when you were using?


Janet, welcome to the studio

For the benefit of our listeners, tell us a little about yourself

what is your sobriety dat, who’s your sponsor, where is your home group?


Tell us a little about what it used to be like?

What did your family look like when you were using?


What was your experience with your loved ones before recovery?


How did the relationship change after recovery?

Did your recovery upset the family unit after recovery?

Was the family jealous of recovery? 

How is it changing today?


Did you ever explain your addiction and recovery to your family?

Did this discussion continue as the children grew older?

Did you children/loved ones ever seek recovery?

Have your loved ones ever describe what it was like for them when you were using?

How did you react?

What about the amends process, have you done this with your loved ones?


Making time to be together is important, how did you do this with your loved ones?

Did you ever feel the need to buy their love back?

How about recovery activities, do your loved ones attend open talk meetings?


Have you ever Scheduled weekly family meetings so things can be discussed openly?

They say consistency is important, 

what are your experiences with being consistent with the family?

What does inconsistent behavior do to the family dynamic?

dependable, responsible and reasonable parenting, what does this mean to you?

What does consistent behavior look like to you?


Your thoughts on therapy for the family?


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