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Oct 9, 2013

If you’re new, this episode is for you.  We want to take the fear out of going to your first few meetings.  This episode is really for those of you who have not yet mustered up the courage to go to your first meeting.  But it episode can also be useful for those of you who have tried recovery programs before, but they didn’t stick.  But now you are desperate because it is getting worse.

To kick off this discussion, let’s take a look at what our listeners think are the most important basic recovery tools they have obtained in the program.

The question we asked our listeners was

Let’s start our discussion with MEETINGS

let’s open with the question

Where (how) do you find (good) meetings?

what makes a good meeting?

What should someone who is new expect at meetings?

What about the location of a meeting, does it affect whether you attend or not?\

Are there types of meetings you prefer? why?

Are there types of meeting that you avoid? why?

What if you don't like a meeting, what are your options?

Let’s move to FELLOWSHIP

How to get a sponsor?

How to get rid of a sponsor?

How to make phone calls.

How to get involved with the meeting before and after the meeting.

How to get involved in service work.

Now, let’s turn to SPIRITUALITY

How do you pray

How do you meditate

what’s the difference

When do you pray

Why do you pray

PROGRAM - let’s talk about what the program is for you

Most would agree that the program is in the steps.

What should a new person expect when they start working the step?

Do you have to do the steps?

Final Thoughts