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Sep 27, 2017

This episode is sponsored by The Recovered Podcast Reception and Live Shows
At the 2017 Tri-County Conference atthe Wyndham Garden Hotel in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

On Friday, September 29th at 5:45 pm, the Recovered Podcast will be leading a panel discussion on “Recovery and the Digital Age.”  We want to you to be part of the show and add to the discussion.

Just go to for more information

Our cost to participate in this event is about $2000,
And we could use your help

To support us as we spread this message of hope to the new guy
Go over to

Going to a conferences for the first time gives you an idea of how big AA is.
At conferences, we can meet new people and establish friends all over the world.
At conferences, we can really celebrate our new way of life

Are you going to Tri County?
What do you hope to gain?

What is a recovery conference?
Where are they held?
How do you find out about them?

How long do they last?
What are some of the typical formats?
Do you have to attend everything?

Are there al-anon events?
What social activities?
Are there meeting available?

Can you purchase recovery material?
What other things/activities are there?
What are the costs

What has been your experience?
What conferences have you attended?
How were they structured?
What was your best experience?
What was your worst experience?
Best speaker?
Worst speaker?


Mike from FLA #249


Angelo #255

Clyde #257