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Jul 24, 2019

Modern communication in recovery is flowing from one alcoholic to another in ways that are high-tech, relatively open-ended and evolving quickly. Protecting anonymity is a major concern for members, who are accessing the Internet in ever-growing numbers.

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First Up - 2020 International Convention News

Who’s going to the 2020 International Convention?

So, listeners, join us at The 2020 International Convention of AA in Detroit.

If you are coming into town for the convention, the Recovered Podcast wants to meet you!

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This google group will be notified with all the Recovered Podcast Plans for the convention and will have all the information about how to find our tailgate party.  Right now, our google group has been provided with maps and general information about Detroit. Email me at if you want these kinds of updates.


Now, back to the show…

Tonight, the topic is 

Recovery in the Digital Age

When we use digital media, we are responsible for our own anonymity

and for protecting that of others. When we post, text, or blog, we should

consider whether we are publishing at the public level. When we break

our anonymity in these forums, we may inadvertently break the anonymity

of others.

Conference approved literature clearly defines how to protect anonymity.  Conference approved literature states:

 A.A.s do not publicly identify themselves as A.A. members using their full names and/or full-face photos.

What technology tools do you use in recovery?

How does it help?

How do you use it?

How do you get it?

What about

  • Google groups
  • Texting
  • Facebook
  • Online recovery support podcast
  • Online meetings 
  • Audible books
  • CDs
  • Phone calls
  • Group texting apps
  • email

What about open talks?

Isn’t that breaking anonymity?

Is there anything special you use with sponsees

What do you recommend to new people?

How does technology hinder your recovery program?

Are you concerned with privacy?

How do you protect your anonymity?

Do you worry about “Normal” people finding out you are in recovery when online?


Does your home group have a technology outreach?


We asked our listeners about this topic.

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We asked our listeners, 

"What technology tools do you use in recovery?”

Did you take the survey?

What would be your answer?


When is texting most appropriate?

When is a phone call most appropriate?

When is face to face most appropriate?

Does anybody use us mail?

What are online meetings?


We have calls

We have calls -

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If you have experience with 

Recovery in the Digital Age

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Now, Let’s take calls 

First up, we have 


Nichole O

Bryan G

Lee from No Cal

Mike from Celebration FLA



Char - ron




What would you say to the new guy about Recovery in the Digital Age?


So Remember; abandon yourself to God and admit your faults. Clear away the wreckage of your past and give freely. God bless and see you next time.