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Feb 17, 2016

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Step 6 addresses the issue of our readiness to have removed the defects of character we identified in Step 4.  After the hard work of the previous two steps, this step seems quick and easy.  Not much is required in terms of action, but our experience is that a great deal is required both emotionally and spiritually.  Ultimately, this Step asks us if we are willing to behave different.

If we do not recognize a problem, we cannot solve it.  Working Step 6 allows us to see our problem clearly.  This Step focuses our attention on our willingness to give up defects of character, even defects that we enjoy.  But we know that all character defects can lead us back to our addictions, even the character defects that we like.  Step 6 allows us the ability to see even those pleasurable defects and ncourages us to find a spiritual solution.

We conducted a survey of our listeners this week.

We simply asked, “Have you worked step 6?”

Let’s look at the results

Listener Survey Results

Let's start with you ??,

what was your initial reaction to his step early in your program and

What was your understanding of this step?

What does the term “defects of character” mean to you?

Coming off of Step 5, what are some of the character defects that you wanted to be rid of?

As you were working Step 6, what character defect did you want to hold onto?

What problems have your favorite character defect caused you?

What does it mean to be “entirely ready”?

Why do you need God’s help and why can’t you rely on self-will?

How is the removal of character defect related to the restoration of your sanity?

If someone is not willing, how can they become willing?

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What would you say to the new person faced with Step 6 for the first time?