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Jan 23, 2018

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Tradition One states:

Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon A.A. unity.


Sue, from my home group provided this from NA’s Basic Text on Unity.



The second Legacy,  Unity (Body) suggests we join a homegroup and participate in the meetings.  In early sobriety, meetings and fellowship with recovered alcoholics can help to keep a newcomer sober until they have completed their steps.  


More importantly, the group and its members are responsible for making sure that the door to the meeting is open and there for the newcomer.


What does unity mean go you?

Why is AA Unity important?

How has unity helped your recovery?


@ Mark...I think that AA Unity, when related to group conscious, means doing what is best for the group and not what is necessarily best for me. I did not get very far by getting my way all the time


Do you have a group that you are committed to and involved with?  

Do you participate Group Conscious meetings?

Do you follow the 12 Traditions?


Unity asks me to practice acceptance when the group conscience goes against


AA Unity does not mean harmony.

What is the difference between unity and harmony?

How can a group not have harmony yet have unity?


How can a group make mistakes, make wrong decisions, yet still have unity?


How can you contribute to AA unity?

How can you have unity with someone you don’t like?


What would you say to the new guy?