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Jun 6, 2018

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So you’ve made the decision to check out a Recovery meeting. Maybe people have been subtly (or not-so-subtly) suggesting you go, maybe you’ve heard good things about Recovery and think it might be able to help you, or maybe you’re just not sure of where else to turn. Whatever your reason, attending your first meeting can be a stressful experience. Will it be a bunch of people smoking cigarettes in a church basement, like in the movies? Will you have to get up and share your whole life story in front of strangers? After meny years of regular Recovery attendance, here’s what I can tell you: No two meetings are exactly the same. Tonight, we will talk about some of the unexpected things you ought to expect from your first Recovery meeting.

What come first to mind?
What so you want to say to the person contemplating this?
What was your first meeting like?

What can someone expect?
What should they do?
What should they not do?
What are your suggestions on how to prepare?
What should they do during the meeting?
Does it cost money?
Do you have to pray?
Do you have to share?
Do you have to sign up for anything?

Do you have to use your real name?

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