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Jan 31, 2018

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If people do not have a strong desire for sobriety, it will be hard for them to maintain it. It is possible for the individual to get sober to please other people, but such recoveries tend to be short-lived. This is because staying away from alcohol and drugs is hard if people are not fully willing to do all that it takes. Those who lack willingness will not be able to summon the necessary determination.

Willingness can be defined as being eagerly compliant. For me, Willingness means embracing change rather than fighting it.

It is not possible for people to find success in recovery unless they are willing to put in the necessary effort. In order for recovery to take hold, there needs to be a powerful driving force supporting it. This power is provided by the willingness to change.

First to mind?

How willing were you the first time you came into AA?
Why or why not?
Is there a relationship between willingness and desperation?
The expression, “the gift of desperation”, what does that mean?

Have you ever tried to get clean for someone else?
How did that work?

Did you ever experience the desire to get clean and have a desire to keep using at the same time?

What about expectations and willingness? Is there a relationship?
What is the problem with too high of expectation?
How about too low of expectation?

What were your expectations of AA?

How can a pink cloud be dangerous?
Is a pink cloud a bad thing?

What about the steps and willingness?
What slogan speaks to you about willingness?
What prayer helps with willingness?
What tradition helps your willingness?

What would you say to the new guy?


Andrew Hayden


Mike from Celebration