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Aug 29, 2012

Our Recovery Topic is Anonymity


On today’s show, our Recovery Topic is....
We will talk about our on experience regarding the
what, why, and how of anonymity in our programs
We will ask the question, What is anonymity
and we will explore Why anonymity is important
We will also talk about How do we protect anonymity and when do we break it?

Following our Recovery topic, we will have This Week in Recovery.  In this segment we discuss what’s going on in the Home Group and what’s going on in the Family Room.

Then we move on over to Alcohol and the Media where we examine what the media has to say about alcohol, alcoholics, and alcoholics Anonymous..  Clips we will cover today include:

Video Clips include:

Bob Forrest on The Arc of Addiction for Musicians

Celebrities Talk About Recovery

Mackenzie Phillips Talks About Charlie Sheen