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Jul 20, 2016

Researchers have studied how quickly wounds heal in people who are relaxed compared with people who are stressed. Their results have generally shown that the calmer and more supported you feel, the faster you will recover. This is probably true for people in recovery from drugs and alcohol as well.

Those individuals who are recovering from an addiction can gain particular benefit from using relaxation techniques. These are some of the most prominent ways in which these techniques can aid in recovery:

* Anger and resentment can be a real problem for people who are recovering from an addiction. These are dangerous emotions because they can act as relapse triggers. By practicing relaxation techniques the individual can reduce the amount of anger they experience.
* Early recovery is often described as an emotional rollercoaster as people learn to deal with their feelings. The addict is able to escape dealing with their emotions by using alcohol and drugs, but this option is no longer available in recovery. This means that early sobriety can be a particularly stressful time; relaxation techniques can help the individual deal better with this stress.

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What does relaxing in recovery mean to you?
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