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Jul 29, 2014

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Let’s start at the beginning What Is A Halfway Recovery House? Why Stay In A Halfway Or 3/4 House? What does a 3/4 house look like? How do you find a ¾ house? Should you visit before checking in? What are the certifications? Who is qualified to run one? What about liability insurance? Who is in charge? What are the rules and guidelines? What about drug and alcohol use? Can you have overnight guests? Who is in charge of cleaning? What are the curfews? What are some of the other responsibilities? What are wake up times? Lights out? Is there drug testing? Are they safe? Are 12 step meeting s required? Are there house meetings? What do they look like? Conflict resolution? Are you required to have a job? How long can you stay? how much do they cost? Who should go? What are the benefits? What are the difficulties?