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Sep 10, 2013

What were your first thoughts of making amends?

What did you think was involved?

What was actually involved, what was your experience?

Tell us about an amend gone well

Why did it go well? What are lessons learned?

Tell us about an amend gone badly

Why did it go badly? What are lessons learned?

What are some of your suggestions?

Your thoughts about…

1.  Feel the feeling first,

think about what it will be like saying the words of amends and how it will feel

2.  Understand what it takes to make an amends

Must be over anger, resentments, jealousy before facing the person

3.  Write down reasons why your making amends

4.  Prepare what you are going to say

5.  Resolve solutions

Prepare how you will propose to make the situation right.

6.  Keep it simple

7.  Move on regardless