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Sep 19, 2018

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In some 12 step programs, they practice detachment with love. This is way for an individual to cope with living with someone with an addiction who does not want help. But when does detachment go too far. When does detachment become abandonment?

First thoughts?

What is detachment to you?
Have you ever practiced it?
What were the circumstances?
How was the outcome?

Have you had to detach in early sobriety?
Detach from who?
Detach from what?
Was it hard?
How did it work it out?

Have you ever been detached?
How did it feel?
Did you understand that you were being detached?
Was it explained?
Did this make you feel abandoned?

What is the difference between detachment and abandonment?
At what point is detachment actually abandonment?

What is abandonment?
Have you ever abandoned anyone?

My childhood friend Jeff

What was the outcome?

Have you ever been abandoned?
What was the circumstance and what was the outcome?

At first yes
No he was in just too much pain
It had nothing to do with me

What would you say to the new person about Detachment Versus Abandonment?