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Dec 31, 2018

Tonight, I am joined in the studio with my wife and psychologist Anna.

Anna has a private practice here in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Anna specializes in the treatment of Anxiety and Depression/Mood Disorders, Divorce, and Addiction related issues.

Part of good mental health practices is to take care of one’s self. And part of that is to be mindful during potentially stressful times like the holiday season.

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So, let’s talk about some of the things we did this holiday season.
Anna, how has your holiday season been?
Bible study
It’s a Wonderful Life
The Nativity Story
Charity, which ones?
Holiday nights
Eleanor and Edsel Ford House
Boar's Head Festival
No gifts

What have you learned about yourself this Christmas Season?
What did you do right?
What would you different? Explain.
What was the best thing you did?
What has been the one thing that has helped your spirituality this season?

Anna, you believe therapy is a collaborative venture,

What does that means?

How did you get involved in being a therapist?

How can therapy help recovery?
How can therapy hurt?

How do you find a therapist?
Can you ask if the therapist if they are in recovery?
How do you find a therapist familiar with 12 steps?
Should you tell your potential therapist that you are in recovery?
How is a therapist different than a sponsor?
How are they similar?

Is there an alcoholic personality?
What is it?
What about the codependent, what would you say about this personality?

What blocks an alcoholic from effective therapy?
Using substances
Codependent issues
Boundary issues

What would you say to the new guy?
Couple sessions to try it out
Wonderful opportunity for you