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Jul 16, 2013

Let’s let our listeners introduce the show

Here is Bronte from Australia

What is Sponsorship?

Why is it important?

What to look for?

What to watch out for?

How do you develop trust?

How do you get a sponsor?

Joe from California - Changing Sponsors

Does changing sponsors mean giving up on the program?

Is Changing Sponsors a bad thing?

What might be a bad reason for changing a sponsor?

May a newcomer change sponsors?

Call From Liz Lemon - Changing Sponsor

How do you know when to change sponsors?

What if you are not clicking with your sponsor?

How do you break up with a sponsor?

Is sponsorship different between fellowships?

Has your understanding changed over the course of your membership?

Should sponsor and newcomer be as much alike as possible (such as drug of choice, age, family situation)?

What if the sponsor is unavailable when needed?

May a newcomer have more than one sponsor?

Is it ever too late to get a sponsor?

For the Person Wanting to Be a Sponsor

How does sponsorship help the sponsor?

Can any member be a sponsor?

How do you get a sponsee?

When is a member ready for sponsorship responsibility?

What does a sponsor do and not do?

What if you are asked for advice?

Is there any one best way of sponsoring a newcomer?

Kelli    this one >>>>>>>  Is it possible to get too attached to a sponsee?

How to handle sponsee break up?

Final Words/thoughts