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Mar 20, 2009

We discuss 6th Year Chip, Savannah in May, and History of AA Part 1.

over fifteen years ago

Yes, Mark. You are correct. It was Corona by Calexico.
I have added it to my playlist. Thanks for your quick

Mark S.
over fifteen years ago


Thanks for your kinds words of encouragement. We are really looking forward to Savannah, we really need a break and we plan to enjoy the southern hospitality.

What do you recommend we do? Did you go to meetings there?

over fifteen years ago

Hi Mark,
Just scrolled down and saw a question about
Savannah. Be sure to take the trolley around
the historic district. It stops at every square
there and lots of history in each place. I must
say I enjoyed one of the ghost tours offered after
dark. Lots of fun and they love to \"scare\" you!
But intermingled in more interesting history on
Savannah, the \"dark\" side so to speak! Enjoy

over fifteen years ago

Hello again Mark,
Enjoyed TTP 117 and once again, I am writing asking
for a song you selected. I think it was the second
song, solo male artist with a \"Marachi\" sounding
music. Very interesting!! You have a distinct
ear for music. Congrats on your 6th Anniversary
and you will love Savannah, great city! Keep \'em
coming, I enjoy every one.

Mark S
over fifteen years ago

Thanks again Baylee for the feedback. I listed the Playlist for TTP 120 the most recent. I\'ll have to go back and research the previous episodes. I think the song you are asking about is Corona by Calexico?