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Aug 17, 2016

Tonight, the topic is
Appreciation, Value, and Self Worth

To get the show started I have a clip and a survey on tonight’s topic.
First the clip

I asked our listeners to tell us what they appreciate most in recovery, and here are the results.


When I was in my disease almost everything was disposable, including my relationship with my sons and wife. I couldn’t stop using, my disease was demanding all my attention. I could not recognize nor appreciate the value in relationships. It was impossible to value simple things like a sunrise. At the end, holding a job or having money in our bank account could not be appreciated, my disease was everything.

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Chrissy, let’s start with you
What were your first thoughts when you came up with this topic?

Before program, what did you give away?
Why didn’t you value the thing that you gave away?
Today, do you appreciate the thing that you lost?
Have you tried to get that thing back?
Is there a grieving process?

Do you value different things today?
What do you value today?
How do you show your appreciation for these things?
Other than drugs and alcohol, what do you value less today than before program?

How does depression affect your ability to appreciate things?
How do you fight depression?

Did your disease take your dignity?
How was this lost?
How has the program (steps, prayers, service, sponsor, higher power) helped?
How has the program (steps, prayers, service, sponsor, higher power) helped with self esteem and self worth?

Guilt is a powerful and dangerous emotion. What do you do if you don’t yet believe that you have self worth?

Is it possible to value things/people if you don’t value yourself?

If you feel disposable, is everything in your path is disposable?

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