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Jan 16, 2019

Emotional sobriety or emotional recovery is an important phase in addiction recovery. Reaching this stage pushes recovery from simply abstaining from an addictive behavior to creating a lifestyle that reaches deeper emotional balance.  It helps us reach a place in our lives where we truly feel emotionally whole.

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What first comes to mind on this topic,
where do you want to start tonight?

For you, What is Emotional recovery?
the development of much more real maturity and balance (which is to say, humility) in our relations with ourselves, with our fellows, and with God.

Have you ever worked on emotional recovery?
How are you emotionally inebriated?

What types of emotions are most vulnerable to instability in recovery?
Those adolescent urges that so many of us have for top approval, perfect security, and perfect romance -- urges quite appropriate to age seventeen -- prove to be an impossible way of life when we are at age forty-seven or fifty-seven.

What character asset (virtue) is most needed to achieve emotional recovery? Why?

For you, why are peace and joy illusive?
How shall our unconscious be brought into line with what we actually believe, know and want!

For you, what is the main barrier to emotional stability?
dependence on people to supply his needs

What was his solution to the problem
To love others first regardless if it is returned

What is the root of the problem?
unhealthy dependency and its consequent unhealthy demand

How does dependency on others contribute to your emotional state?
Have you ever tried to do your best yet still feel bad about yourself?
How do facts and feelings about you affect you?

Have you had different phases in your recovery, how has your recovery matured?

What are your triggers for emotional instability?
When are you most vulnerable to emotional outbursts?

How has the fellowship helped you with emotional recovery?
How do the steps help you with emotional recovery?
How does servicework help you with emotional recovery?
How does spirituality help you with emotional recovery?