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Feb 21, 2018

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In our program, it’s our responsibility to make plans.
Making plans help us to achieve goals we may have.
Goals to improve being happy, joyous, and free.
We should just be careful not to plan the outcomes to specifically.
We can make a plan, just be careful that it doesn't turn into an expectation.

An expectation that is unreasonably high is
a premeditated resentment.
An expectation that is too low is
a premeditated disappointment.
and resentments and disappointments are both dangerous for us alcoholics.

So, we alcoholics need to be careful in this business of resolution making
we need to be careful as we plan our recovery life for the next year.

We need to be flexible as we plan
Our higher power may have a different plan than we have.
My experience, I need to be flexible or else I will be miserable.

Do you have any Recovery Plans for 2018?
What are they?
With the podcast, Premium Membership awareness
Recovered on the Road
Working on anxiety, for example, Andrew’s Christmas Card

How did you decide on those specific needs?
What tools, steps, prayers, what recovery methods
do you plan to use to achieve those goals?

What would make your recovery happier?
some ideas may include
more time for friends
a hobby
more service work
work all steps
work a specific step
more prayer

What specific actions will you take to keep you on track?
How do we move from an idea of change to actual change?
calling sponsor on progress
talk about it at meetings

What were some of your past recovery plans that you tried?
discuss failures
discuss successes

For the new guy, what tips would you suggest when making plans?
Some Goal Setting Tips
Be specific about personal recovery goals
Take small steps and ask for help along the way
Establishing a Routine
Reduce stress
Eat healthy food

How do you deal with plans not achieved?
How do you make plans and manage expectations?

What advice would you give the new person who is making recovery plans for the first time?

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