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Apr 27, 2009

We discuss Big Book 70 years old, Bruce Willis stars in movie Inventory, and Naltrexone the Wonder Drug, and Part 2 of a 2 Part Open Talk From Chris R. Play list Out of Time - Rolling Stones. Angel Band - . Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - Alice Cooper. Roll On Down the Highway - BTO. Never Think - Robert Pattinson.

fourteen and a half years ago

Hi Mark and Listeners,
Just got to listen to #130 yesterday and wanted to
put my two cents in. Naltrexone is being discussed
in and out of the rooms now. It is considered, by
some in the medical field as \"miracle cure\" or as
close as we can now get, by researchers. Yes,
as an member of the fellowship, I can express my
own opinion, while standing on tradition that
says AA has no opinion on outside issues. While
I want no one to suffer the years of devastation
that has marked my life due to alcohol addiction,
I worry about our \"way of life\" as much as this
\"wonder drug\" curing our disease. Could we
become an ancient \"sect or cult\" that at one
time believed a higher power could take away our
desire and craving? How foolish we are, huh?
How many of us would \"try\" this drug so we could
now \"drink socially\"? What would \"drinking socially\" mean to me and who I am now? Are others
foolish enough to think this drug could ever
replace our fellowship and journey out of isolation? Our love and devotion to each other?
Will our experience, strength and hope become
obsolete? Questions I think about, things that
a \"wonder drug\" can never give me.
Also \"AA in the News\" and Bruce Willis\'s new
movie. IN that write up we were described as
infamous and dubious?!? How sad for those who
never experience us because of descriptions such
as these! How sad when I fall short in the rooms,
of being that recovering person who could invite
this kind of description of our fellowship.
Well, Mark, you have got the wheels turning this
week for sure. Keep it up! Wonderful show!

Bruce Recovery 101 Radio
fourteen and a half years ago

Diggin\' the show man! And if I haven\'t done it before...thanks for the link!