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Sep 28, 2016

So, Anna, let’s talk about
Spirituality and Relationships
Let’s get started

Want to talk about when we first met.
I’ll start
I first saw you in Mr. Rice’s Biology class, remember?

Just so our listeners know a little about our background.
When did we meet?
Where did we meet?
When did we start dating?
Why did it take so long for us to date?
Where was our first date?

What were the conditions your parents set up for us to date?
What was your curfew?

So,for us to date, we had to pray first.

Spirituality has always been part of our relationship.
It has ebbed and flowed.

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Spirituality and Relationships probably mean different things for different people.

What does spirituality and relationships mean to you?
How does relationships help your spirituality?
How can they hinder?

One important part of a relationship is to develop intimacy.
I used to think of intimacy as sexual, but I realize it’s much more

To develop intimacy, trust, honesty, need to be present.
What does intimacy mean to you?

In my alcoholism, I betrayed trust and honesty, how do we get over this?
How is spirituality involved?
How is trust reestablished?

How do you see God in our relationship?
How can our relationship foster your contact with God?
How can relationship hinder your experience with God?

What are some of the things we do to improve our relationship and our relationship with God?

What would you say to the new person who wants to improve their relationships?