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Jan 25, 2017

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Sponsorship is not about relating to another individual.
It is about getting better someone else’s way.

Everyone is told to get a sponsor
Not everyone is told how to get a sponsor

But there are some guidelines on how to get a sponsor
We are going to talk about that tonight.

I think a sponsor is to help someone work the 12 steps.

Let’s go to you first Angelo,
In you opinion...

What Is Sponsorship?
How does sponsorship differ from Twelfth Step calls? 8
How does sponsorship help the newcomer? 9
How should a sponsor be chosen? 9

Should sponsor and newcomer be as much alike as possible? 9
Must the newcomer agree with everything the sponsor says? 10
What if the sponsor is unavailable when needed? 10

May a newcomer have more than one sponsor? 10
May a newcomer change sponsors? 11

Is it ever too late to get a sponsor? 11

How does sponsorship help the sponsor? 12
Can any member be a sponsor? 12
When is a member ready for sponsorship responsibility? 13

What does a sponsor do and not do? 13
Is there any one best way of sponsoring a newcomer? 155
How can a sponsor explain the A.A. program? 15

How can a sponsor work with an alcoholic’s family? 16
Should a sponsor lend money to a newcomer? 17
Should a sponsor intercede with an employer? 18

When newcomers resist “the spiritual side” of the program,
what can sponsors do? 21
How should a sponsor deal with slips? 21
Can a member sponsor more than one newcomer simultaneously? 22

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Angelo, have you have a chance to look at hello fresh, what are some of your opinions?

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We Have Calls


For those of you that will be at the 2017 March Roundup AA Michigan Regional Conference in Dearborn, Michigan, we invite you to attend the Recovered Podcast Reception and celebrate recovery with the crew.

The event will be held on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm in a second floor reception room at the Edward Hotel and Convention Center, the same facility as where the Roundup is being held. The location is subject to change so please verify it in the final program at the conference.

The reception will include coffee, snacks, fellowship, and a live performance of the Recovered Podcast with the topic “Why Do You Go to Conferences?”. Bring your sponsors, co-dependents, new guy, sponsees and lets have some fun. After the Podcast show, we will go downstairs and attend the keynote Open Talk by John C. from London, England. After John, we will go out for dinner together!

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What would you say to the new guy?