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Dec 30, 2014

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At this time of year, most people reflect on the past year.  Some us also make some plans for the next year too.

So we at the Recovered podcast thought we would take time to reflect on 

our own recovering program specifically and 

the recovering community in general 

over the past 12 months.

In general, what are your thoughts on AA and the recovering community as a whole over the past year?

NPR Looks at 2014 and Addiction

Comment on 

AA in the news in 2014

Celebrities in recovery 

Any AA victories? - 

Any tragic stories - Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams

How was recovery portrayed in media? Hoffman and Williams news

How was recovery portrayed in movies/tv? Orange is the New Black, The killing. Thanks for Sharing, Breaking Bad, ‘

The Anonymous People, 

Marc Maron, 

Kristen johnson, 

Anna David, 

Now let’s move to a more personal are, our own recovery.   What was the recovery year of 2014 like for us?

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Share some highlights

Share some difficulties

What steps were significant for you, why?

What prayers were important to you, why?

What slogans helped, why?

This year I moved a little closer to acceptance

After Andrew’s suicide

I talked with Russ long and hard about why…

Why Andrew, 

Why me, 

why this why that

Russ encouraged me to keep asking my higher power about these things

Russ told me that some day, maybe the need for an answer may not seem so important.

What I have found is that by accepting what has happened and try to help others with our experience has brought new meaning to my recovery program.

So my question in prayer has moved from why to how….

my prayer has moved from why God

to How can I make meaning

what can i do to honour Andrew’s memory?

He only posed the possibility that me need for an answer might fade.

This has made a tremendous difference in my outlook.

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Traverse city roundup

Slogan:  One day at a time, do the next right thing….work

steps….2 and 3 learning and Andrew

Prayer….together with Anna, meditation at meetings by listening to you

What are your hopes for 2015?

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