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Jun 29, 2016

The definition of Unmanageable is

1. Difficult or impossible to manage or control:
2. Difficult to carry or maneuver; unwieldy:
When we deny our powerlessness over alcohol our lives become unmanageable. Our lives may be unmanageable in a few areas or in many areas. They may be slightly unmanageable in some areas and totally unmanageable in others. Unmanageability caused by addiction take many forms. It can include physical, spiritual, and mental problems; financial and legal problems; family and social problems. The problems may have been obvious to others or known only to us, but they were
in one form or another.

The longer I am in recovery, the more I realize how unmanageable my life had become. By accepting my powerlessness and unmanageability, I accept that I can not recover alone. I need help. That help,
the Big Book tells me in the Second Step,
will come from a Power greater than myself. My unmanageability lays the basis of my willingness to open and keep myself open to a Power greater than myself and to recovery.

Use of the plural pronoun in the First Step, "We admitted," emphasizes that we are not alone and that we do not work our recovery program alone. AA is a "we" program. "I get drunk; we stay sober: is an old AA saying. The "we" includes us, other program members, and our Higher Power. The first word in the First Step makes that point clear.

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Survey says:

What does unmanageability mean to you?
How did alcohol and unmanageability relate for you?
Alcohol stole time it stole the future

How does alcohol and unmanageability relate for you today?
As soon as I reject reality and try to create a situation that I desire, life becomes unmanageable for me. If I wish to change the past instead of accepting, life becomes unmanageable

How does control and unmanageability relate for you?

How did you use to be unmanageable?
How are you unmanageable today?
What tools do you use?

Who was in control when you grew up?
How did that affect you?
How does that affect you now?

How do you try to control the emotions, finances, lives of others?
How do expectations and unmanageability relate?
How does flexibility and unmanageability relate?
How does your higher power and unmanageability relate?
How does patience help?
How does acceptance help?

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